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Why limit yourself? Traditional staffing agencies put one set of eyes on your open job requisitions.

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Hire Placement

We partner with the best independent recruiters in the United States to give your open job requisitions 3x more recruiting support than a traditional staffing agency.

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Recruiting Services

Looking for a strategic recruiting partner? Let us pair you with a hiring specialist who can walk you through the hiring process step-by-step


Manufacturing Staffing

Looking for the right manufacturing workers to join your business? Skilled trades and domestic manufacturing employees are in low supply nationally and Flowhire is here to help! We can help you find the right people for you in-person or remotely.

Construction Staffing

Need the right construction personnel? We can help you find candidates for either project based or long term needs.


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are staffing up at unprecedented rates. Allow our STEM recruiters to help you find the right fit for your company on either a direct hire, contract, or clinical trial basis.

Supply Chain Staffing

Supply chain workers are in high demand due to the economic effects of Covid-19. Let us help you find the right staff to ensure your team keeps operating efficiently.

IT Staffing

Finding the right IT staff is difficult. Let us help you find the right people for your team, with the added bonus of having a subject matter expert review each applicant for free to ensure they correctly aligned for your role!

Environmental & Energy

Environmental workers are in peak demand with climate change and energy infrastructure seeing unprecedented levels of investment. Flowhire can staff environmental and energy workers across the US to facilitate your needs.

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Top Compensation Matters

We look for the best recruiters and want to make sure they get paid the best. Independent recruiters receive one of the best compensation models in the industry. We want recruiters to keep seeking out placements through Flowhire, and we are excited to pay the best to bring in great recruiters to our network!
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